Ford / MirrorTap Radar Detector Power Cords / Escort, Beltronics, Valentine One, Cobra, K40, Radenso

Disclaimer - J28 DESIGN INC. will not be held responsible for any damage to, interference with, or malfunction of your vehicle's electrical system resulting from installation or use of the MTPC. Consult with your vehicle's dealer for any questions about your vehicle's electrical system. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this product and return it for a full refund. If you are unable to use a voltmeter we recommend taking your vehicle to an auto stereo install shop.

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RJ-11 With 2 Amp Inline Fuse

P/N: MTX-1010/1015/1020

DC Plug With 2 Amp Inline Fuse

P/N: MTX-2010/2015/2020

RJ-11 With 2 Amp Inline Fuse

P/N: HT-1096

DC Plug With 2 Amp Inline Fuse

P/N: HT-2096

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Compatible Ford Models

Model Year
Contour 2000
Crown Victoria 2000 to 2009
Edge 2007 to Present
Escape 2001 to Present
E-Series Wagon 2000 to Present
Excursion 2000 to 2005
Expedition 2000 to Present
Explorer 2005 to Present
F-150/250/350 2000 to Present
Fiesta 2000 to Present
Five Hundred 2005 to 2007
Flex 2009 to Present
Focus 2000 to Present
Freestar 2004 to 2007
Freestyle 2005 to 2007
Fusion 2004 to 2007
GT 2005 to Present
Mustang 2000 to Present
Ranger 2000 to 2009
Taurus 2000 to Present
Thunderbird 2002 to 2005
Transit 2000 to Present
Windstar 2000 to 2003

Ford MirrorTap Installs

2013 Ford F-250
2011 Ford Mustang GT